Ht: 5’ 11’’

Wt: 180 lbs.

Hair: Dark brown, some gray

Eyes: Brown                                                           



High Fly                                       Frank           

Resilience                                   Mechanic              Lost Battalion Films 

No Place Like Home                 Scott                      Magnificent Burden Films 

Truth . . . Mutual Funds            Kid                         Lost Battalion Films 

Advent . . . Peter/Bobby Jo      Peter                     Red Team Productions 

Action                                          Guy                       Rischert Films 

Partners                                      Dr. Anders           Butler-Vision Pictures 

Julie's Apartment                       Jeff                        Holle-wood Productions 

What He Doesn't Know            Ike                         Butler-Vision Pictures 

The Color of Money                  Pool Player          Touchstone Pictures 

She's Having a Baby                  Traveler                Paramount Pictures 

 Jimmy Reardon                         Red Valet #2        Island Pictures 

Nothing In Common                 Bar Patron           Imagine Entertainment 


It's A Miracle                               Co Pilot                 Weller/Grossman Prods. 

Dream Breakers                         Photographer     CBS Entertainment 

Freeze Frame                              2nd Lieutenant   Creative Edge Films 

The Untouchables                      Thug                     Paramount Television 

Crime Story                                  Jeweler                Michael Mann Productions 

Jack & Mike                                  Reporter              David Gerber Productions 

Unsolved Mysteries                   Technician           Cosgrove/Meurer Prods. 


ADT Blue Light Security, AFN News, AM-PM, Amway, Anaquest Pharmaceuticals, Anheuser Busch, Arco, Armed Forces Radio & Television, Carl’s Jr., Carrier Corporation, CBS Entertainment, Chrysler, Coca-Cola, Coors Brewing Company, Cosgrove/ Meurer Prods., Creative Edge Films, David Gerber Prods., Disselkoen’s Diamonds, Dodge, DuPont, Ford Motor Company, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospitals, Hewlett Packard, Honda Automobiles, Honda Motorcycles, Hot Wheels, HULU, Imagine Entertainment, Island Pictures, LeapFrog Enterprises, Lockheed Martin, Long John Silvers, Mattel,  McDonalds, Meijer, Michael Mann Prods., Michiana College of Commerce, Miles Laboratories, Moosehead Breweries Ltd., North American Van Lines, Paramount Pictures, Rice-A-Roni, Sara Lee, Starbucks,  Shoney’s Restaurants, Sears, Teachers Credit Union, Touchstone Pictures, Toyota Motor Corporation, Upjohn Inc., Weller/Grossman Prods., Wells Fargo, Wheel Horse Lawn & Garden, White Hen Pantry, Volkswagen, Whirlpool, Yamaha Motor Company, Zenith Electronics


Circle Of Confusion                    Eddie                    Metropole Theatre Works 

*Coffee Bait                                 Tony                     Up Against the Wall 

The Interrogation                       Man                      The Chase Theatre 

The American Clock                   Lee Baumler       Acting Ensemble Stage 

Yeti                                                Wiseman             Big Blue Barn Theatre 

Fool For Love                              Martin                  Acting Ensemble Stage 




Baron Brown Acting Studio - Sanford Meisner method: Tom Patton (L.A.) 

Classical/Shakespeare: Jane Brody/Peter Forster (Chicago) 

Improvisation: Harland Williams (L.A.) 



Ear-prompter, teleprompter, voice characterizations, looping, dubbing.

Cycling (all), vehicle driver (cars, motorcycles, trucks, RV's, buses, boats).

California Driver License (Class "B" / "M1").



B.S. - Indiana University – School of Public & Environmental Affairs 

A.A. - Holy Cross Junior College – Arts & Letters